About Cartersville Lodge #63

John W. Akin

In 1895, John W. Akin of Cartersville, published is "Akin's Lodge Manual and Masonic Law Digest which was then adopted as the official manual of the state. A Masonic code was published in 1902, but Akin's manual was retained as the book of lectures. The Manual was distributed by the "Masonic Herald " in Rome.

Distinguished Service Medal

Grand Master Charles Bass, in 1920, requested Robert J. Travis, PGM, to make five honorary presentations on behalf of the Grand Lodge. Brother Travis then addressed the Grand Lodge. "It is the duty of every Mason to labor without weariness and without hope of any reward. This is his obligation and his duty. However, we all like to know that our labors have been appreciated, and when the appreciation is expressed it serves as an encouragement to labor on.

It is the intention of the Grand Lodge to present yearly, Medals of Honor to its faithful servants and workers, and this year we have selected the following five brethren to receive these medals:

Special recognition had been given outstanding members previously, usually for long and faithful service. Some were cited in Grand Lodge for extraordinary Masonic works; now Brother Bass was initiating a program to present visual evidence of appreciation, the Medal of Honor. (The Medal of Honor was later referred to as the Distinguished Service Medal.)

The medals were limited to five recipients each year. Several years no medals were presented, and in some years less than five. In 1926 only one was given, it going to Brother William Clarke, author of "Early and Historic Freemasonry in Georgia." The Grand Master felt that Brother Clarke should be the sole recipient that year due to his very outstanding achievement of compiling and writing the history.

In 2004, this award was presented to Worshipful Brothers Howard M. Howell and George W. Campbell, both of Cartersville Lodge#63, F&AM

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